Trouble in the Tropics


Dream holiday on Mauritis! That’s the only thing the wealthy family from Munich called “von Zangenheim“ has in common with the working class family from Berlin called “Kowalski“.

One family stays in a luxury bungalow while the other family can only afford the cheap and seedy hotel near the airport.

Shortly after having landed at the airport, Renate von Zangheim’s precious handbag is stolen and it is ironically the peasant Franky Kowalski who puts the thieves to flight. Reante’s husband Hubertus would like to get rid of the Kowalskis by paying a reward, but his wife has already invited the Kowalskis for dinner. During this merry and boozy dinner, the two families arrange to meet for a spontaneous boat trip. At this point everything gets out of hand: The “von Zangheims“ and the “Kowalskis“ are shipwrecked and just manage to save themselves by reaching a desert island far away from society and civilisation. The Kowalskis are ahead of the game here because they are good with their hands. Hubertus von Zangheim can’t stand depending on Frank Kowalski and therefore they split the island in two parts…

Heio von Stetten, Nadeshda Brennicke, Anna Lena Klenke, Valerie Niehaus, Dirk Borchardt, Sven Gielnik

Timothy Tremper

Directed by:
Andi Niessner

Philip Schulz-Deyle, Florian Deyle

On behalf of Sat.1

© Photos:
Amaury Bouchet / Sat.1

Year: 2015

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