Hot Line


A small village in the Bavarian Forest. Despite the omnipresent spirit of the Catholic Church, there is a lack of an economical future after the closing of the local glass factory. The little corner shop of Waltraud (Gisela Schneeberger), Maria (Bettina Mittendorfer) and Lena (RosalieThomass) is on the brink of bankruptcy.

The neighbours prefer to drive to the next town to go shopping at Aldi. The loan is going to expire in four weeks time. Then Maria gets a dirty call. The bloke obviously dialed the wrong number but this embarrassing incident gives Maria a great idea: she’ll launch an erotic phone service – that’s a real gap in the market in the deeply catholic village of Marienzell. The three women promote their hot services with self-printed flyers and the slogan “The very best from our home”. After a few initial difficulties (What should I say…?), Maria, Waltraud and Lena make quite a splash as “Maja”, “Sarah” and “Lolita”. The arrogant wife of the mayor (Monika Gruber) is highly suspicious of the new confidence of her neighbours. She tails the three women and provokes a scandal…


Gisela Schneeberger, Bettina Mittendorfer, Rosalie Thomass,
Monika Gruber, Sigi Zimmerschied und Cleo Kretschmer

Andrea Sixt nach ihrem gleichnamigen Roman

Directed by:
Markus Goller

Florian Deyle, Philip Schulz-Deyle, Martin Richter

Andrea Sixt

DRIFE Filmproduktion, Atrack Film, ZDF

© Photos:
Michael Manke / Universum

Year: 2011

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