Eva overboard


Vacation on a container ship! The wannabe journalist Eva, who doesn’t get much credit from her bosses because of her nervous disposition, wants to use this unusual trip to the Far East to show what she’s made of. During the dreary weeks on the high seas, Eva tries to undertake some undercover research in order to get a big story about the hijacking of ships and pirates on the Southern China Sea.

This is her moment to be recognised as a serious journalist and she doesn’t want this opportunity to slip away! In Bangkok she boards the “Liberty“ highly motivated, and starts to question the captain and the crew not knowing that she really hit the jackpot. The ship gets captured on the high seas and the crew and the cargo are in the hands of pirates who are armed to the teeth.

It´s a top story which basically writes itself. The only hitch of the story is that Eva has to survive this adventure. The hazardous escape through the jungle of Thailand packs a punch: Eva almost sinks in quicksand and has to flee in a hot-air balloon, even though she’s afraid of heights. She gets some help from the dubious smuggler and adventurer Nik, with whom she has intense arguments. The macho Nik has a few quirks and really doesn’t want to burden himself with such a drag. They have to get it together so that Eva is able to secure important evidence for her story. Unfortunately, Eva made her plans without the rough-and-ready Nik…


Julia Hartmann, Stephan Luca, Peter Benedict, Niels Bruno Schmidt, Amporn Parnkatok, Charlie Ruedpokanon

Peter Gersina

Directed by:
Peter Gersina

Philip Schulz-Deyle, Florian Deyle

On behalf of Degeto for ARD

Year: 2016