Club of the lonely hearts


Three women played by Hannelore Elsner, Uschi Glas and Jutta Speidel, rediscover the meaning of friendship in the TV movie ” Club Of The Lonely Hearts.“ Their childhood dream of opening a Dance Café fell by the wayside as did their close friendship and their believe in love as their lives took Kiki, Maria and Helga down different paths. But when the unconventional Kiki returns unexpectedly years later, she ends up turning her friends quaint small town lives upside down. A TV movie about three friends giving their dreams another shot.

Hannelore Elsner, Jutta Speidel, Uschi Glas, Hansi Kraus, Gundi Ellert, Kathrin Anna Stahl, Ina Lehmann, Lennox Voelklein, Max Schmidt, Kathrin von Steinburg, Billie Zöckler, Eduardo Mulone



Christine Hartmann, Gerlinde Wolf

Directed by:

Christine Hartmann



Florian Deyle, Philip Schulz-Deyle


Christine Hartmann

Associate Producer:
Vera Behringer



On behalf of Degeto for DAS ERSTE

Photography Copyright:

© Jürgen Olczyk, Laurent Trümper / tnf – telenormfilm GmbH

Year: 2019