Blood Sisters


Medical student Milla doesn’t believe in supernatural mumbo-jumbo, not even when she finds a bible dating from the time of witch hunts while doing some research for a paper with her friends. They try the mysterious spells and the rituals for fun. They cut their hair, buy mugwort and steal soil from the graveyard, and their dearest wishes are fulfilled! Milla however unleashes ancient magic powers which get out of control.


Jasmin Lord, Paula Schramm, Sina Tkotsch, Kristian Dörfer, Roy Peter Link, Michael Lott, Esther Schweins

Matthias Lehmann

Directed by:
Kai Meyer Ricks

Philip Schulz-Deyle, Florian Deyle, Martin Richter

© Photos:
Arvid Uhlig / Sat.1

Year: 2013